According to researches, buildings use 71% of total electricity consumed, 39% of energy and 12% of drinking water. In addition, it is stated that 40% of carbon dioxide emission and 30% of the resulting wastes originate from buildings. The solution to these problems starts with using buildings that respect the environment and consume natural resources to a minimum.

Green building design is a complete process starting with the architectural design and carry out with mechanical and electrical systems design. From land selection, recyclable material selection, shading design, natural lighting, insulation selection to natural ventilation, many topics are considered.

Yazman Engineering, provides energy efficient system designs, reducing pollution of environment, efficiently using energy and water and other resources, protecting occupant health and improving productivity with green building solutions on mechanical system design.

Benefits of Green building

  • Improve quality of life,
  • Improve air and water quality,
  • Improve occupant health and comfort,
  • Adding value to urban living spaces,
  • Increase the value of the building,
  • Minimize the destruction of natural environment during construction,
  • Enabling development and use of clean technologies,
  • Evaluation of waste material generated by excavation,
  • Recycling of rain water with green roof application,
  • Reducing the load on the sewage system by recycling rainwater,
  • Reduce operating costs via using solar energy,
  • Reduce operating costs via using natural light,
  • Reduce reflections of sunlight creating the greenhouse effect via providing green areas,
  • Provides energy saving,
  • Produce oxygen with green layers,
  • Reduce operating costs on heating&cooling systems and carbon dioxide emission with insulation systems

Green building system features

  • Optimization of construction costs with simple and innovative solutions of green building standards on project design,
  • Construction in harmony with the natural environment,
  • Design for the minimization of excavation and the use of the waste materials,
  • Green roof application,
  • Energy saving with effective heat and sound  insulation systems,
  • An architecture that can use natural light as much as possible inside the building,
  • Effective solutions in HVAC Systems,
  • Use of low volatile organic compound(VOC) and decoration products,
  • Use of solar energy with photovoltaic panel systems,
  • Landscaping with plants and trees that consume less water,
  • Use of building materials produced by recycling from waste materials,
  • Use of motion sensitive sensors on ventilation and lighting systems,
  • Utilize systems to generate building’s own electricity ,
  • Use ground source heat pump systems,
  • Provide trombe wall on south facing façade to gain passive solar energy for the requirements of heating in winter and cooling in summer.